When I got my first wrap I didn’t know how to use it, but I knew I wanted to learn. I had tried a few different tutorials but nothing had really stuck and I was still struggling to get that front wrap cross carry spot on without help. I posted on sling dads asking for help and one of the dads sent these two simple photos a while later with these words;

“First pic is to get a nice smooth back, lift both arms up whilst tightening rails and dipping shoulders slightly back into it. second pic to get a nice tight top rail around the babe, so tight over the shoulder and bent arm (think strongman pose) then under the babe’s opposite knee. A good seat sort of happens if you remember to keep knees higher than bum (think of an m shape with feet and bum being the low points). Wrapping is all about practice an technique through dude, it’ll suddenly all click and feel perfect. Hope this helps mate.”

It did click! He said it and showed it just how I needed to be told and shown! He will forever be one of the people I think of as helping me get to where I am with wearing my children happily and confidently and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Daren!

So with that in mind… When did it click for you? What was it that made it happen? And is there anyone, like Daren, that you will always think of as bring the person that got you to that point? If so, it’s time to tell them!