Have you ever wondered about babywearing with twins? Do you know someone with twins that wants to learn? The amazing Amy House had written something for us to let us know about her journey.

Hello! I’m Amy and a single mama to Rylee who is 4 and Ava and Mia, who are 11 months.

Dom has asked me to talk a bit about wearing twins, and I hope it will be of some use to other twin mamas!

When I found out I was expecting twins, and even when they were born, I never would have imagined I would have been wearing them. I had a stretchy for Rylee and used that for around 8 months…I didn’t even know woven slings existed…when the twins came along I got another stretchy and after watching a YouTube video, I had them both snuggled in, I loved it and so did they.

The girls were (and still are) just so happy and content when they were wrapped. After the stretchy got a bit snug, I wore them both in 1 ring sling, I found it so easy, once I had got the hang of it! I’m lucky that I’ve been blessed with 2 very patient girls who don’t mind me practising new carries with them!

My first woven wrap was a kokadi diorite stars, I wrapped the girls in a tandem hip variation of a front cross carry, and after receiving a lot of comments and questions, I decided to do a YouTube tutorial. I’ve gone on to do more tutorials of different carries for wearing twins using either 1 woven or a combination of 2, which is how I tend to wear them now, a size 4 on the back and a 2 on the front.

There are so many options and combinations and some great groups for advice and help. A fellow twin mama Rose has recently become a consultant and has set up Twin sling, fb group.

I am so glad I discovered baby wearing as I have been able to comfort both babies when they have needed it, had my hands free to play games with my boy, and had double the cuddles whilst still being able to do the housework

Thank you Amy. Here is a link to her YouTube channel where she has some tutorials for anyone that wants to learn more.