I took this beautiful firespiral slings spindrift cyano seafoam out for a test drive today. Amazing as always! Fire spiral slings are so consistently brilliant you always know you are in for a treat when you use or buy one.

For starters the design and colour are stunning. Eden gasped and said “it’s like the sea is in the Forest” when she saw it. The hemp is quite slubby and I love the look and texture off this.

It is so supportive, both of my children were up for about half an hour today and it was equally comfortable with both of them. Amazingly soft hemp blend makes it suitable for tiny ones to big ones. It is easy to use and glides just right but also grips where needed.

I will definitely be in line trying to get one when they go on sale hopefully later this month.

Dare I say it… My favourite fispi so far? Its definitely up there with my hemp trees. Joint favourite I’m saying.